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Our Mission:

To find loving, adoptive homes for unwanted or rescued companion birds with people who are experienced in bird care or who are eager to learn. We believe that pet birds deserve quality care, love, and respect and that bird owners should have access to the most current bird care information possible. Cherished Wings also exists as a sanctuary for unwanted or abandoned birds. 


Our goals are to:

Preserve, Protect and Educate people interested in bird ownership in the proper care of pet birds. Provide an avenue for people who can't keep their bird, but want to ensure a quality new home for their pet. Find homes for displaced birds in permanent adoptive homes or house them in our sanctuary. Rehabilitate and correct behavioral problems in birds resulting from neglect, abuse, or improper care.


How Can You Help?

Sponsor a specific bird who is in need of a cage, continuous medical care, and the additional love of a human. Become a contributing member. Your donations will help provide for toys, food, vet bills, replacement cages, special perches for the severely handicapped.

You can provide a permanent adoptive home. These birds often have changed homes a number of times. On average, a pet bird will have had 7 different owners in it's lifetime. It is our ambition to find permanent homes for each bird where he or she can find security and a sense of belonging.

You can be a releasing parent. If you cannot keep your bird for reasons of family, money, logistics, etc., please consider donating your bird to Cherished Wings. We have a waiting list of adoptive homes. We will do all that we can to insure that your pet gets the best possible home. Or if you wish we can place your pet bird in our sanctuary.

You can donate supplies or funds to our effort. We can issue tax receipts for your donations.  

You can volunteer your time or expertise towards the operation and survival of the program.



Adoption Fee Explanation


Adoption fees are charged for birds being adopted.  You may wonder why we would be charging you for a bird that was given to us.  We would like you to understand why!

Although we rarely pay for birds taken in, there are many unseen expenses that we incur. We may from time to time receive private donations and support from individuals and businesses. The support might be in the form of money, toys, cages, food or discounts in a store towards our purchases.   

We are however primarily supporting ourselves through the adoption fees.

We are run by volunteers that donate their time, and in some cases money, to help our feathered friends.  Many times a bird will come just as he is, with no supplies, no cage, etc.  We therefore have to have cages available to house these birds.  We also require toys, play gyms, food, perches, etc., many items of which require continual replacement.  All of this requires money. 

Avian vet care is another recurring cost.  

When you adopt a bird from us, your adoption fee is helping to support this program and the many birds whose lives we will help to change.

Thank You!!!!!


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